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About Annuska

Visual artist Annuska't Hart (1970). In her childhood she was creating art in every way possible; coloring, drawing, crafting etc. She always felt the need to make something with her own hands. Expressing and shaping what was on her mind. She used to be completely absorbed in creating art as a child, which is still the case as for today. Artistry is her life.

Living and working in the same building is a dream she managed to realize after completing the Classical Academy of fine arts. She lives with and between her own art of creation.​


Annuska graduated 2017 from the Classical Art Academy of fine arts in Groningen, The Netherlands. There she acquired all the technical knowledge she needs to achieve an excellent job.

Painting and sculpturing are both disciplines she masters, they reinforce each other in there own way. The alternation of 2D and 3D working works perfectly for her.

Animals are her favorite subjects, from her background in dairy farming she has gained a lot of knowledge about the body language of animals. Also seeing the anatomy, movement and the unique personalities with their own character. 

The eyes play an important role in her paintings, "mirrors of the soul" as Annuska says. Contact is palpable when you stand in front of the artwork. And that is important to her.

Annuska likes to work realistically and figuratively in her paintings. She has a specialization in soft pastels. This wonderful medium allows her to fully express herself. As a result, real contact with the subject can be felt in her works.

She makes the sculptures from wax and is cast in bronze. There is a lot of expression/handwriting in the sculptures, which evokes a feeling. Movement and feelings are important elements in her scultures.

Kunstatelier Noes is the place where Annuska works and where her own unique work can be admired and purchased. You are very welcome to come and take a look. This way you can experience how she creates her artwork .



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