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Bronze statues

There are 8 pieces of each image for sale

Annuska likes to create sculptures in wax that are eventually cast in bronze. She gets her inspiration from nature and the animals around us. She is looking for the strength and movement of the animal so it evokes a strong emotion. 

Annuska has a loose modeling touch which results in a lively whole. The reflection of light on all those surfaces brings the image even more to life. 

Modeling with wax is a technique that Annuska has mastered. First she makes a frame of threaded rod on a plank. A skeleton of iron wire and wood is attached to the frame. Wax is then modeled over this skeleton, where the basic form of the sculpture is already in proportion.

As soon as the wax figure is created, it goes to the bronze caster where a mold will be made of it so that several copies can be cast.

​Bronze is a beautiful material and many color variations are possible through a patina. 

If the statue asks for a pedestal, Annuska consults with her stonemason. Together they determine the right size, type and colour of stone. So that the statue  and plinth eventually form a beautiful whole.

Of course, a different plinth can be selected in consultation with the customer, everything is ultimately custom-made.


Every individual sculpture consists of a maximum of 8 pieces, after which the mold is destroyed.

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