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Pastel & oil paint

Paintings in pastel or oil paint

Annuska specializes in the technique of soft pastel. She has done a lot of research both at home and abroad.​

Substrate is very decisive, Annuska makes the substrates all by herself. She is completely in control from the basis to the end result. A work of art should be interesting from afar and up close, is her opinion.

The background of her pastels includes marble granulate, which gives a relief, resulting in a lively feeling. It is one of the specific features of Annuska's pastel works.

The beautiful pure pastel color pigments give a warm  soft smooth appearance. The vulnerability of pastel also requires knowledge to achieve the most beautiful results.

She works with multiple layers on top of each other, creating a layering with a lot of depth effect. Up close you can see a lot of colors working through.

Working with pastel suits Annuska completely, because she touches and edits it with her fingers.

Because of the direct contact she can transfer her  feeling directly into her work. Contact with the subject in pastel is very important to Annuska. This can be felt in the final work.

The pastel works are eventually framed behind museum glass. This protects the work against UV light influences and damage. Pastel is and remains very vulnerable when left unprotected, it deserves good protection.

Oil paint is also a technique that Annuska masters, often working on linen or panel. With oil paint, Annuska paints in an impressionistic style. 

She often searches for atmosphere and experience with oil paint. Oil paint has a completely different look than pastel.

The alternation of both painting techniques works very well for Annuska. It continues to surprise her and it always leads to new developments.

Annuska also works on commission. A lot is possible in consultation about the format and the techniques used. 

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